Build and manage your information security program with confidence

At ZeroWall, we recognize that understanding and optimizing a holistic approach to information security, aka cybersecurity, can be overwhelming and difficult. Our intuitive and time-saving tools simplify this process.

How it works

ZeroWall Assessment

ZeroWall’s intelligent assessment tool learns about your organization, adapts to the information you enter, and feeds the ZeroWall Threat Model Engine. It’s easy to use and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Evaluate and Calculate Risk​​

The ZeroWall Threat Model Engine runs a simulation of your information security program against a variety of cyber threats, scenarios, and benchmarks using industry-standard as well as proprietary risk-analysis frameworks.

Interpret Results

The ZeroWall Security Insights Report interprets your results​. Your detailed report includes:

  • An overview of your security profile
  • Detail on your risks
  • A ZeroWall Threat Model
  • Benchmarks
  • Right-sized recommendations to manage your risks and optimize your information security program

Continuous Insights

Receive Continuous Insights in your ZeroWall Portal. View your recommendations and track your progress in your portal. Re-assess your program and view updated insights, threat models, and recommendations all in one place.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) services.

A dedicated ZeroWall vCISO is available to provide expertise and support as you take your next steps and support you with ongoing re-assessments over time.

Whether you are a managed IT solutions provider (MSP) or small to midsize business (SMB) looking for cybersecurity support, we've got your back. Get started with a free assessment today.

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