Rethinking Information Security

We understand that a patchwork of vendors and point solutions can make it difficult to show the value of a security program and prove its ROI. These business realities, along with the talent gap in information security, make taking a risk-based, common-sense, and effective approach to information security in the current paradigm much harder than it should or needs to be.
That’s the problem ZeroWall is taking on.

ZeroWall is an AI company that delivers actionable and ongoing security insights to organizations of increasing sizes and complexities.

How it all started

We have the lived experience of security professionals and understand the effectiveness of building a security culture within a company in its nascent stage. The payoff is great for not only building a stronger security program but a stronger company, too. We have also witnessed the unnecessary fear around security–from the belief that security will slow down innovation to the cowering fear that leads to expending more resources than necessary. We see how the security industry exploits this fear by keeping you afraid and confused.
We believe companies of all sizes and stages of growth deserve a simpler, right-sized, and cost-effective solution to these security challenges.

Effective information security does not have to be complicated. And you can have security without sacrificing innovation. That’s why we started ZeroWall.

ZeroWall’s company values propel thoughtful innovation.

  • Unlock value that others may miss
    We believe we will win by unlocking value that others overlook.
  • Move fast and learn things
    We believe that evidence outweighs opinion.
  • Prioritize ruthlessly
    We believe that working hard on shared priorities is better than being busy.
  • Be kind
    We believe in kindness, especially when it’s hard.
  • Be of service
    We believe service to others is the highest form of self-fulfillment.

Meet Our Team

Joan D Pepin

Founder & CEO


Michael Peachey

Co-Founder & COO

Brett Paden


Pam Hurley

Executive Assistant & Coordinator

Nitesh Jain

Head of Experience
Paul Lan

Paul Lan

Data Scientist/Full Stack Developer
Hamsa Merlet

Hamsa Merlet

Senior Content Strategist

Bethany Silvestri

Head of Marketing & Customer Success


Jon Gelsey

Ex-CEO of and Auth0. Currently BoD member at Macrometa (globally distributed low latency coherent database) and at Symmetry Systems (data and object store security).

Emory Lundberg

Principal Security Architect- Security Threat Management, Comcast. Former VeriSign, NetSec.

Will Peteroy

Founding Partner at Blackthorne Consulting, Former CEO, Iceberg.IO, Former CTO Gigamon