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How it works

Get started with the ZeroWall Assessment

The ZeroWall Assessment is an easy-to-use and smart online tool that can be completed in about 15 minutes. It automatically responds to your input, so you only see questions that are relevant to your organization.

The ZeroWall Threat Model Engine evaluates your security program and calculates your risk

The ZeroWall Threat Model Engine runs a simulation of your information security program against a variety of cyber threats, scenarios, and benchmarks. This AI uses industry-standard as well as proprietary risk-analysis frameworks.

Receive a customized ZeroWall Insights Report that interprets your results

Your detailed report includes an overview of your security profile and risks, benchmarks, and recommendations for reducing risk and optimizing your information security program.

Get ongoing re-assessment and recommendations

Keep track of your progress, view updated recommendations and threat models, and re-assess your security program in your ZeroWall Portal.

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